Hockey Club “Barys”

“Barys” Hockey Club is a two-time national champion and four-time winner of President’s Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



Over the years of it’s formation, “Barys” hockey team has turned into a full-fledged sports club with a complete vertical structure of training of world-class athletes.

“Barys” Hockey Club is the base club for Kazakhstan national ice hockey teams, both adult and youth and junior. The club teams have gathered the most skilled, as well as the most promising hockey players of the republic.

Since 2008, “Barys” has been a member of KHL — the best hockey league of the Eurasian continent — which includes teams from 7 countries.

“Barys” honorably represents Kazakhstan and its capital Astana within a large territory from Bratislava and Helsinki to Beijing and Vladivostok.



Barys for the first time wins the title of Champion of Kazakhstan

Milestone year full of events. In the debut season of Russian Supreme League, the team from Kazakhstan achieves a significant result — the second place in the Eastern division. And also a big step forward was taken for the development of Kazakhstan's hockey, improvement of the professional level of national athletes — Barys becomes a participant in KHL, the most prestigious and high-profile hockey league in Eurasia.


Barys becomes a consecutive two-time winner of gold medals in the republican championship

In its debut season in KHL, Barys makes the playoffs among the top 16 of 24 participating clubs. In the first round it yields to Ak Bars from Kazan, which in the end will win the Gagarin Cup.

In the republican championship, Barys becomes a consecutive two-time winner of gold medals. The capital club delegates 9 players to the World Championship in the first division, and they help the team to win the tournament and a ticket to the elite division of world championship.


For the second season in a row, Barys makes its way into the playoffs of KHL championship

At the end of the tournament, the Kazakhstani team ranks 14th out of 24. The impassable rival for the Kazakhstani team in the first round is once again the next winner of the Gagarin Cup —Ak Bars from Kazan.

In December, the country’s national team, 80% of which comprise the capital team’s players, wins the Challenge Cup in the Prime Euro Ice Hockey Challenge European tournament. Astana for the first time hosts an international hockey tournament Cup of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Barys becomes the winner of the main award.


The victory at the Asian Games

The resulting 14th place is taken among all participants in the KHL. In home tournament Cup of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan the team again wins the main trophy. At the Asian Games, which for the first time were held in our country, Kazakhstan's national team, mainly comprised of hockey players from Barys, wins gold medals of the continental championship.

At the World Championship in the first division, the Kazakhstani team, two-thirds of which are comprised of Barys players, wins the tournament and goes to the elite group. In the club's system, the youth team Snow Leopards is created, which plays in the MHL, as well as Children and Youth Sport School.


In the final standings of the KHL championship, Barys for the first time enters the TOP 10 of more than 20 teams representing 5 countries

For the fourth consecutive season, the Kazakhstani squad makes the playoffs. Astana team was close to winning a ticket to the second round of the Gagarin Cup. However, in the persistent seven-match confrontation with Metallurg from Magnitogorsk the luck will be on the side of the opponent.


Barys for the third time wins the international tournament Cup of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The number of participants in the KHL increases to 26 teams from 7 countries. At the end of the season, Barys is 11th in the standings. For the fifth consecutive time the hockey players from Astana make the playoffs.

National hockey team of the country, 70% of which comprise the players from Astana, wins the World Championship in the first division and makes the TOP 16 teams of the world. The women's team Tomiris is created in the club system.


In summer, Barys wins international tournament Stone Flower in Ekaterinburg

In the regular championship, Barys updated KHL’s performance records in the matches from 6 to 10 from the start of the season. In these games the team from Astana scored more overall goals than any other team in any of the previous seasons. Sixth consecutive exit in the playoffs was achieved early, and appearance in the Gagarin Cup has brought a new achievement. With a score of 4:0 in the series, Barys overcame Avtomobilist in the first round and went to the semifinals of the Eastern Conference. The final place of Astana in the championship is 7th out of 28 participating teams.


Barys becomes four-time winner of the Republic of Kazakhstan President's Cup

For the seventh time in a row Barys makes the playoffs. The battle in the first round with Avangard from Omsk turns into a real thriller that last the maximum possible number of matches.

In the championship, Astana takes the 11th place out of possible 28. At the World Championship in the first division, the country’s national team, two-thirds of which comprise the players from Barys, wins the tournament early and receives a ticket to the elite division.


During the season "Barys" has endured a number of castlings in coaching staff, the team kept the chance to enter the eight of the strongest until the last match of KHL regular championship. However, in the end the team fell one point short. For the first time in 8 KHL seasons "Barys hasn't broken into playoff.
The youth team "Snezhnye barsy" for the first time in its history reached the semifinal of Eastern Conference, where it has conceded in a tightly-contested duel to future finalist of the Cup of Kharlamov – “Chaika” from Nizhny Novgorod.
The women's team Tomiris won silver medals of the championship of Kazakhstan.
The national team consisting mostly of “Barys” players for the first time in many years won a victory in the elite division of World Championship. However, the gained points weren’t enough to keep entering TOP-16.


Henrik Karlsson
Roman Savchenko
Vyacheslav Tryasunov
Yegor Shalapov
Maxim Semyonov
Talgat Zhailauov
Nigel Dawes
Nikita Mikhailis
Maxim Khudyakov
Yaroslav Yevdokimov
Vitaliy Kolesnik
Vladislav Nikulin
Damir Ryspayev
Brandon Bochenski
Dmitriy Grents
Nursultan Belgibayev
Dmitriy Malgin
Pavel Poluektov
Kevin Dallman
Dastin Boyd
Alexander Lipin
Roman Starchenko
Madiyar Ibraibekov
Vladimir Markelov
Kam Barker
Dmitriy Gurkov
Ilya Lobanov
Ivan Kuchin
Konstantin Pushkaryov
Kirill Savitsky
Corey Trivino
Artemiy Lakiza
Evgeniy Rymarev
Kevin Poulin
Nikita Ivanov
Martin St-Pierre
Alikhan Asetov
Kirill Panyukov
Alexander Koreshkov
Club President
Borys Ivanischev
Arman Nurumbetov
Vadim Guseynov
General Manager


The main goals are to bring up champion teams and promote positive image of Kazakhstan in the world arena.

  • to achieve high places by all teams in the club system, including the Children’s and Youth Sport School, in all the competitions they participate in;

  • to prepare the core of players of Kazakhstan's national teams of all ages for world championships through the participation of the club’s teams in prestigious international leagues and competitions;

  • to gradually train the world-class hockey players in the club system: Children’s and Youth Sport School — Snow Leopards youth team —Nomad farm team — the main team Barys;

  • to promote positive image of Kazakhstan and its capital Astana as a country and city of great sporting achievements;

  • to promote the concept of healthy lifestyle and mass sports.


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