Our Focus Areas

The multiclub’s goal is promotion of country’s image in the world of sport and effective management of sports projects on a systematic basis.

The multiclub’s goal is to promote image of the country in the world of sport and effectively manage the sports projects on a systematic basis.

This year is 25th anniversary of independent Kazakhstan, and it’s safe to say that our first confident steps in professional sport were begun in December 2012 with creating sports heart of the country, namely “Astana” Presidential club.

As is known, the indicator of effective development of mass sport in our country is the achievements of athletes on Olympic Games and international tournaments. It is important to mention that the National teams are mainly composed of athletes from “Astana” Presidential Club.

Trough promotion and support of the professional sport, the club also stimulates development of mass sport and sport for children and young people in the country, and inspires adults and children to be a part of professional and amateur sports, thereby facilitating formation of healthy nation.

Presidential club focused on generating of native sports potential and development of effective reserve system. If we talk about the invited athletes, currently we can see the positive trend of foreign players’ reduction and growth of quantity and quality of Kazakhstani athletes. 

About sports clubs

Cycling team «Astana Pro Team» 

It has been known and recognized brand around the world long ago, by winning 248 victories and 8 triumphs in Grand Tours. Participating and winning in tournaments around the world became possible over just ten years of existence. Being the best representative of Central-Asian region, “Astana Pro Team” confidently took the leading position in the world ranking and aims to increase its capacity.

Football Club «Astana» 

By results of 2015 defended the title of the best club of the country and for the first time in history of independent Kazakhstan entered the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. Moreover, the club has no defeat at home games from the world level contenders as Atletico Madrid, Benfica, and Galatasaray. 

Hockey Club «Barys» 

Not only defends Kazakhstan’s honor in Continental Hockey League, being the basic club for National Team of Kazakhstan, but created a complete training system of international class athletes. The team is a winner of several international tournaments, two-time champion and four-time silver medalist of Kazakhstan, and four-time winner of President’s Cup of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Basketball Club «Astana» 

For the first time in history of Asian continent became a successful participant of European tournament «Eurochallenge», for-time champion of National League, four-time winner of Kazakhtsan’s Cup, four-time participant in round playoffs of VTB League, which unites clubs of East Europe, Russian, and Kazakhstan. 

Boxing Club «Astana Arlans» 

For the period of six years since its foundation has become a two-time Champion of the World of 2013 and 2015 according to the World Series of Boxing (WSB), as well as the best club according to WSB of 2014. Boxers of the club repeatedly recognized as «Best boxers».

Rally-raid team «Astana Motorsports» 

Debuting in international rally-marathon «Dakar 2011» in 2012 made a sensation becoming the bronze medalist of «Dakar 2012» in the truck standing; Champion of the world of season 2015 in category T-2, entered the top 10 in rally-marathon «Dakar», winners of the third place in team Championship of circuit racing Formula-3.